Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Artemis: Hunting for Problems with Artemis

Problem: There is a need for a data collection system for monitoring and analyzing large distributed systems.

Solution: Artemis has the same goal as Chukwa. While Chukwa is built on Hadoop, Artemis (from Microsoft) is focused on analyzing Dryad (Microsoft) based distributed applications. Artemis seems to be fairly well along in terms of the log collection, storage, visualization, and analysis. Artemis has log collection from many different sources within Dryad.

Conclusion: The growth of distributed systems has resulted in a need for new tools to analyze large clusters of PCs, networked together, and running large distributed jobs. Systems such as Chukwa and Artemis are the first iterations of such tools. Artemis shows that these tools need to have access to data collection not only from each machine but from within the distributed processing jobs. This would be a good evolution for the Chukwa developers to follow; providing data collection from within MapReduce jobs.

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  1. Can you hypothesize what will be the attributes of the 2nd iteration of such systems?